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The Heroic Coaching Program

As an engagement coach, I blend my love of storytelling with the tools of coaching to help young professionals take ownership of their personal and professional futures.


The Heroic Coaching Program uses the principle scaffolding of universal storytelling and Coaching methodology.

As your engagement coach, we will work together through a process that involves becoming more mindful about how you perceive your world; building a stronger level of self-confidence that enables you to take ownership of your talents;  and empowering you to experience your life’s journey as the Hero of it, not as a bystander.

Work With Me

Note: this is an extremely limited option.  I only take a limited number of private 1-1 clients each week due to the involvement I create with them:

  • My coaching style is ideal for young professionals who are close to taking the leap and quitting their job or super serious about creating a plan to jumpstart their career.

  • My coaching style is ideal for young professionals who are struggling with 'Imposter Syndrome', lacking Self-Confidence, or feeling lethargic and unmotivated by their present lifestyle.

  • My coaching style is idea for individuals who are doom-scrolling on their phones, binge watching tv, compulsively playing video games, or convincing themselves that some dreams simply can’t ever come true.

During the Heroic Coaching Program, I’ll help you explore the subconscious stories that may be holding you back. We’ll dig honestly and objectively into your goals & dreams to assess who you are and who you want to become.


We’ll share in a new adventure together to overcome thought-patterns and assumptions that limit your potential!


The nine session one-to-one program comprises two 50-minute calls per month, online or in-person, plus personalized email support.

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As a Certified Professional Coach, J.D. helps young professionals gain clarity and focus in their lives, addressing personal and professional challenges, so that they can take ownership of their future with confindence. J.D. is an Employee Engagement Specialist, and has spent 10+ years working in the corporate environment. He has been exposed to various industries such as entertainment, legal, and tech. J.D. currently works as a Career Coach at Husson University in Maine

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