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The Power of a Signed Copy.

When you buy from an author directly, you're putting money back into their writing and the arts.


The Problem: Subscription services like Kindle Unlimited place heavy restrictions on authors and limit readers too. Books that exist only in Kindle Unlimited pay the author roughly .004 cents per page for the first reading of the book. Payments for books sold outright on Amazon are taken immediately from the reader, but the author doesn't receive that payment for at least 60 days. Not to mention Amazon takes a 40% cut just for printing and/or hosting the book on their platform.

Placing books in stores for indie authors is usually based on consignment, which means the author must purchase, deliver, and market to an audience that their book is in a specific location. Authors get paid a percentage after the book sells leaving some stores to do little to help promote the book at all.

The Solution: Buy your books directly from the author. In this instance, when you purchase a signed copy from my website, you're helping me - the person who wrote the book, paid for it to be professionally edited by a real editor, paid for it to have a formatted by a professional interior designer, and paid a real artist - NOT A.I. to make the cover art unique.

So, thank you for coming to this page and purchasing a signed copy. I look forward to sending you a book!

- J.D.

Cover_The Silver Scepter - Front_edited.jpg

The Silver Scepter

Tales from Elderland (Book 1)

In the enchanting town of Bellebrook, Little Miss Deirdre Heart was celebrated as the most illustrious tea party host by the stuffed animals who knew her. However, her idyllic childhood, shaped by her two loving parents, was about to shatter, all thanks to a peculiar boy named James and the monsters he called Grumpaguls.

Book2 Front Cover.jpeg

The Skyrunner's Captain

Tales from Elderland (Book 2)

It has been nine years since Deirdre and James both parted ways. The world has changed. While the New Sovereigns of Elderland fight for peace through control, an orphan named Victriina becomes entangled in an ever-growing web of troubles, and it's all thanks to an illegible, tattered old journal. As tensions mount between Wayfarers and the Sovereigns, the prophecy of the Black Star teeters on the edge of fulfillment.

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