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Life is a Shared Adventure

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Welcome to the Adventure!

Blood in the Gray

Only on Kindle Vella

Captain Vasil Cane's death sentence is just the beginning. A potent mix of low-life marauders gather on a remote island. The plan: to wreak havoc on the colonies of Taran and reclaim their independence from King Idon. The problem: there are other people vying for power in the wake of Cane's demise. The Gray is a vast sea with infinite opportunities and forgotten treasure, but only the most cunning would ever dare to seek control of it.

This episodic fiction project blends the themes of pirates on the high seas, magic, and political deception. Each episode is intended to be bite-sized and accessible for any reader craving action and adventure.


A Message from J.D.

I believe there is an inherent power in storytelling. Whether it comes from talking around a campfire, reading through pages of a book, or watching the silver screen, people have always sought ways to escape reality for a period of time. I believe this occurs because after any adventure we return to our own lives reinvigorated and engaged for new experiences.

As a fantasy author and engagement coach, I blend my love of storytelling with the tools of coaching to help young professionals take ownership of their personal and professional futures.

Whether you're seeking a coach or a story I've written, I look forward to sharing an adventure with you!

- J.D.

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