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The Stone King

Book III
The Tales from Elderland

Nine years have passed since James and Deirdre went their separate ways.


In the Kingdom of Evgrenya, the heir-apparent has forsaken the throne, leaving Prince Kenaan to step up amidst looming threats against the Royal Family and their advising Council. James finds himself entangled in the midst of this turmoil. As prophecies and secret histories unfold, the race for the throne becomes a battleground of ambition and treachery, where the winner holds not just power, but destiny.

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Blood in the Gray

Read the first 10 Episodes for Free!

Captain Vasil Cane's death sentence is just the beginning. A potent mix of low-life marauders gather on a remote island. The plan: to wreak havoc on the colonies of Taran and reclaim their independence from King Idon. The problem: there are other people vying for power in the wake of Cane's demise. The Gray is a vast sea with infinite opportunities and forgotten treasure, but only the most cunning would ever dare to seek control of it.

This episodic fiction project blends the themes of pirates on the high seas, magic, and political deception. Each episode is intended to be bite-sized and accessible for any reader craving action and adventure.

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