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Tales from Elderland

About the Series:

The Tales of Elderland series is a Young Adult fantasy series for all ages.


In its first installmentThe Silver Scepter, readers will enjoy a whimsical and care-free adventure of two young children, Deirdre and James, in an almost Disney-like adventure that is reminiscent of the movies Peter Pan (1953) and Tangled (2010).

In its second installmentThe Skyrunner's Captain, readers will experience a time jump between the events of book 1 and book 2. The adventure sheds its whimsical tones and grows into an adventure that echoes the themes of Netflix's television series Shadow & Bone and Warrior Nun.

Readers Beware - there is seldom a tone of Happily Ever After.

The third installment, The Stone King, is scheduled for a release in 2024.

Blood in the Gray

Only on Kindle Vella

The First 3 Episodes are ALWAYS FREE!

Genre Notes: A cross between HBO's Game of Thrones and Showtime's Black Sails.


Synopsis: Captain Vasil Cane's death sentence is just the beginning. A potent mix of low-life marauders gather on a remote island. The plan: to wreak havoc on the colonies of Taran and reclaim their independence from King Idon. The problem: there are other people vying for power in the wake of Cane's demise. The Gray is a vast sea with infinite opportunities and forgotten treasure, but only the most cunning would ever dare to seek control of it.


Other Published Works

Coven Ascending.png

Novelized Serial Fiction story that is part of the 'Ash Falls' Universe. Published by Fiction Vortex.

Genre Notes: Urban Fantasy


Short Story that is part of the Grifty Shades of Fey Anthology Published by Fiction Vortex.

Genre Notes: Dark Fantasy

Metal Magic.png

Fantasy Novella that is part of the

'Of Metal & Magic' Universe.

Published by Of Metal & Magic Publishing.

Genre Notes: Fantasy Adventure 

Rivers of Ink.png

This charity anthology, weaves together the works of local writers,  and offers a deep dive into the river’s lasting impact.

Published by 12 Willows Press.

Genre Notes: Environmentally-focused Short Stories, Essays, and Poems

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