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About J.D.

Author & Engagement Coach

J.D. is a Career Coach at Husson University in Bangor, ME. His professional career as an author began with the 2015 printing of 'The Silver Scepter' after he graduated from Rutgers University.

Since then, J.D. has been published in collaborative story universes such as 'Of Metal & Magic' and 'Ash Falls'. He has also had two short stories featured in anthology collections: 'Rivers of Ink' and 'Grifty Shades of Fey'.

As a certified coach through the iPEC Core Energy Coaching™ program, J.D. blends his love of storytelling with the tools of coaching to help young professionals take ownership of their personal and professional futures.

As an engagement coach, he works with students and young professionals to be more mindful about their world perceptions; build stronger levels of self-confidence to enable them to take ownership of their talents;  and empower them to experience their life’s journey as the Hero of it, not as a bystander.

J.D. lives in Maine with his wife and three cats.

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