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The Heroic Coaching Program

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

I believe there is an inherent power in storytelling. Whether it comes from talking around a campfire, reading through pages of a book, or watching the silver screen, people have always sought ways to escape reality for a period of time. I believe this is because after any exciting experience, we return to our own lives reinvigorated for a new adventure.

The Heroic Coaching Program uses the principle scaffolding of universal storytelling and blends it with the traditional elements of Professional Coaching. It uses the power of allegory and character archetypes to help clients identify what stories they tell themselves that are inhibiting their own potential development.

As your engagement coach, we will work together through a process that involves becoming more mindful about how you perceive your world; building a stronger level of self-confidence that enables you to take ownership of your talents; and empowering you to experience your life’s journey as the Hero of it, not as a bystander.

Some topics of influence that shape the Heroic Coaching Program are:

The Hero’s Journey as detailed by Joseph Campbell: to help you understand and develop your own self-confidence.

- Together, we will investigate the habits you’ve created that limit your potential development.

- Together, we will compare the stories you love (whether they’re from books, movies, or tv) and your own adventure to understand what is fundamentally missing in your life.

The Major Arcana Cards in Tarot: to help you work on being mindful about the dialog you have between your thoughts and your actions.

- Together, we will explore the different archetypes of the human spirit in a very grounded and practical way to understand how you are reacting to situations in your life.

- Together, we will uncover your dominant archetype, and practice ways to become more conscious about how you interact with your own self-perception.

Steven Nachmonovitch’s book Free Play: to help you tap into that inner wellspring of spontaneous engagement that allows you to exist in a flow of unhindered creative energy.

- Together, we will remove mental blocks and internalized feelings of judgment that keep you from experiencing your present life to the fullest.

- Together, we will exercise the ability to remain present in our passions and let go of obsessive needs to manifest the future instantly.

If none of that made sense to you, this description might be more digestible:

When we doom-scroll on our phones, binge watch tv, compulsively play video games, or convince ourselves that some dreams simply can’t ever come true, we are actively disengaging from our life.

We shrink our world to a size where everything is comfortable and convenient and tell ourselves stories about why it is the way it is. We allow ourselves to become the victim (a princess locked in a tower, maybe?) instead of the Hero.

As your engagement coach, my role is to help you find the right methods for you to turn off your screen, tap into your true passions, and take charge of the life you want to be living.

What makes this Coaching Program better than others?

My initial response will always be, “This program isn’t better - you don’t need this particular coaching program to lead the life you want.” There’s nothing new or ground-breaking about the Heroic Coaching Program. You can buy, watch, read, and get certified in all the materials I use to Coach in this particular style.

But you may want to sign up for the Heroic Coaching Method instead of another because you align with its principles - that somewhere in this article, in my newsletter, or in one of my stories, you inherently feel that this style is speaking to you.

Considering signing up?

I always host a 45 minute consultation call for free to see if we are the right fit for each other. Click here to apply for a Private Coaching Session.

After all, Life is a Shared Adventure!

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